tes® 2.0

25% if visible, 75% not visible

 It is a combination of module systems that have emerged in order to meet your company needs completely.
Our adventure that started with tes® continues with tes® 2.0. We prepare the structural supports you need in modules and present them to your service for the
development of your company.

tes® Purchasing Module

Purchasing has many different challenges and the main source of these challenges is human. Buying is the place where companies should trust most, but there is always doubt. Also, negotiating the availability of the product or semi-finished product to be procured is limited to the skills, knowledge, experience and relationships of the purchasing personnel.

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If your staff knows that country, you can get a correct and proper price in proportion. But think about the prices of the professional staff from all over the world who are native to their country and who speak the native language of the rate and who work with you, will work with you. You will have collected the most affordable prices from all over the world. You will start to earn at the beginning of the operation as you will be profiting both in time, money and staff.


tes® Consulting Module

This module contains many modules in itself. You put America on the target for supply or sale. With reports prepared by people who know the market, you will not need to discover America again. It will help you understand whether your budget needed to promote or if your goal is correct at the very beginning. Apart from these, learn about the areas where the competition is low and the income is high.

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In addition, consultancy and follow-up for financial support in the home country and target country. Again, security services consultancy by professionals for the meeting to be held in a risky area or for the business or transportation to be established. Or the facility security certificate and necessary arrangements to become a crypto company. Namsa, Nato, EDA Concept etc. the possibility of using closed data banks.
Consultancy for European supports and grants. Creating finance for R&D studies. Fair supports for carrying out advertisement campaigns abroad.


tes® Human Resources (HR) Module

It is the system that enables you to reach the personnel you need in the fastest way, either in the country or abroad. Think about it, you plan to go to Thailand. You have planned many meetings, but all of them took place in the hotel lobby. In a completely closed restricted area. Maybe you are out there somewhere you are looking for and you do not want to be interviewed.

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But if someone who knows the translation and knows the country is with you, it quickly verifies the reality of what you see and allows you to reach out to others. The tes® Human Resources (HR) Module will quickly solve such troubles for you. You can be as comfortable as your own home all over the world.


tes® Software Module

ERP, CRM, SEO etc. We open the quality software developers we work with on issues. 

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