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International Sales Network

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International Sales Network tes®

If you are a manufacturer and want to display and sell your products on the international market, welcome to tes® marketing → customer → sales network, which is open to full and continuous improvement.

We offer to sell your products in the international market with all kinds of marketing channels. We offer to showcase your samples all over the world. We offer you to focus on better and higher quality production, not to pursue customers.

Because wherever your client is, we will find it and bring it to you.

Sales Marketing Centers

Displaying your products at the fair without going to a fair, reaching your customers without organizing abroad, communicating with those customers without language problems and even realizing your logistics without thinking about transportation ... These are now at your disposal.  In addition, you will benefit from these opportunities as 12 or 365 days, not 3 or 5 days, as in a fair.  You can invite us for information.  Just choose the country you want to be in and take advantage of all the opportunities.


Your samples are brought to our overseas centers with your customers, and orders and information requests are delivered to you instantly.
Brochure and Catalog

Brochure and Catalog

We give your brochures and catalogs to your potential customers or send them to their offices.  Of course, in exchange for a meeting.
Data Bank

Data Bank

We open our database to you and make it easier for you to reach all potential customers.
satis-pazarlama-merkezleri tes®
Online Satış Kanalları

Online Sales Channels

Now, indispensable of life and trade, online sales marketing tools are indispensable.  We will make use of all the opportunities it offers.

What will be benefited from?

✓  Chambers of Commerce Data Banks
✓ Fair Data Banks
✓ Customs Data Banks
✓ Export Associations Data Banks
✓ Lojistik Veri Bankaları

Where will it be used?

✓ Online Wholesale
✓ Par Online Retail Sales
✓ Mail Marketing 
✓ Video Conferance 
✓ Online Advertising

Knowledge is everything.