Customer Care and Relationship

Customer relationship

tes® uses to manage customer relationships
  • activities,
  • strategy and quarterback plans; and
  • technological tools
In this period when mass marketing is an increasingly expensive way of gaining customers, they are managed in a system that has the potential to become a customer by working on your behalf, and that we do not discriminate between those who have purchased products and who have been selling customers.

 Requirements are made for Customer Protection gained by using Customer Acquisition methods to know the winner after the Customer Selection is made related to the product and
We are proceeding to customer deepening. There is a continuous data processing.

Our Customer Strategy

  1. Customer Selection

    1. Determination of the target audience
    2. Partitioning
    3. Positioning
    4. Brand and customer planning, marketing communications
  2. Acquiring Customers

    1. To realize the sale
    2. Needs analysis
    3. Creating a proposal
  3. Customer Protection

    1. Order method, Delivery
    2. Organization of requests
    3. Problem management
  4. Customer Deepening

    1. Cross sales campaigns
    2. Customer needs analysis